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Walking Through Tulips: In Photos

Happy Monday! I hope you aren't minding the small break in the usually scheduled photo tutorials and tips in order for me to share some new pictures! I've just been so excited that I actually have new pictures to share, because after this long winter it's been great being able to get out and photograph things. I hope you have had a chance to as well!

That being said, this past weekend I went on two photo adventures. The first to Nerstand State Park near Northfield, Minnesota. This area is special for two reasons. First, the park is made up of an area called 'big woods' which consists of a variety of hardwood trees. It is special because the surrounding area was at one time oak savannah (a mix of prairie type landscape with scattered oaks in between) and now most of the area is cornfields. It's great we have this area of beautiful hardwood trees protected!

Second, the park is the only place  (yes, in the world) that you can find the dwarf trout lily, which looks exactly like the white trout lily, but in miniature form. I unfortunately don't have a picture of the dwarf trout lily, but here is a picture of the white trout lily...

The second location I visited this weekend was the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum which is a beautiful place in any season. In the spring however, they have a beautiful tulip show, with over 37,000 bulbs. They have varieties of tulips I've never heard of before, and that are super unique. My friend with the travel blog did a write-up on the Arboretum if you're interested. Check it out here. 

The tulip display is so beautiful and breathtaking, and I wanted to share that with you today. My friend and I got to the Arboretum around 9:30am, and the lighting from the sun was AMAZING. Seriously. Maybe some of the best lighting/subject ratio I've shot. The light was catching the tulips and making them look like they were glowing. I was obsessed.

Of course, pictures don't do it justice, so if you are able to, I would highly recommend visiting the Arboretum to see it. If you can't, I hope you enjoy these colorful, spring-like photographs!

I will start out with a disclaimer mentioning that I was bad and although I attempted to take pictures of the signs designating the tulip types, my photographer brain got a little carried away and some I simply forgot to. Never-the-less, I hope you will still enjoy them!

Tulipa - 'Silverstone' - Triumph Tulip

Tulipa - 'Brown Sugar' - Triumph Tulip

Tulipa - 'Aleppo' - Fringed Tulip

Tulipa - 'Sun Lover' - Double Late Tulip

Tulipa - 'Aleppo' - Fringed Tulip

Tulipa - 'Purple Dream' - Lily - Flowered Tulip

Tulipa - 'Silverstone' - Triumph Tulip

Because of the holiday next Monday (yes - it's Memorial Day in ONE WEEK already. I'm sorry, but when did June arrive?), there won't be a new post. Stay tuned for June 2nd!

Your favorite kind of tulip? Did you know there were so many different tulip types? Do you have a favorite place to take pictures of flowers? 

I'd love to hear about it! You can comment below or via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Happy Photographing!

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