Throwback Thursday - January 23rd - Ld

Throwback Thursday - January 23rd

Who is excited it's Thursday? I sure am! Guess what tomorrow is? If you guessed Friday, you would be correct, but I was thinking more along the lines of it's three weeks until Valentine's Day, or single awareness day. Whichever you celebrate (or don't), I thought it was time to introduce one of my favorite photography stories which has to do with a heart found along the shoreline of Lake Superior. 

I feel like Nicholas Sparks could have written that description above a lot better. But then again, if I wrote love stories like Nicolas Sparks I probably wouldn't be writing this blog post about photography...

The picture above really doesn't have anything to do with the heart picture, or the story, I just thought I should throw a picture in of Lake Superior for those who are visual people, like me. 

Picture it:  Grand Marais, MN, Lake Superior shoreline, 2010 (any Golden Girls fans out there?). 

I was walking with my husband along Lake Superior in Grand Marais, Minnesota, and came across the heart made out of Lake Superior stones, which are beautiful by the way.I looked around for the creator(s), but there wasn't anyone to be found. But seriously. There wasn't anyone. 

It's about to get mushy in here. 

I began trying to imagine the person or couple who made the heart, and the love they were feeling at that time. Cue canned audience 'AWWWWW' response. 

Just a little more mush. I promise, I'm almost done. 

I put the picture onto one of my blank homemade photo cards (shameless plug. I'm sorry.  Oh - but  the card is on sale on my Etsy page). The card is one of my best sellers as people buy it for Valentine's Day, weddings, bridal showers, wedding thank-yous and much more. I sometimes wonder if the person or couple who made the heart will ever realize how many people have 'felt the love' so to say because of their declaration that day along Lake Superior.

Have you ever done anything to express your feelings for someone like the heart made with rocks? Have you ever come across anything like the heart? I'd love to hear about it!

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