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Throwback Thursday - January 9th, 2014

Happy Thursday! I've noticed that lately, each day of the week has it's own special day (and by each day I mean Wednesday and Thursday). For example, Wednesday, which has been known as 'hump day' for as long as I can remember has now become 'HUMP DAAAAAAAAAY!' thanks to Geico. Internet Memes such as the ones below have come out about Wednesdays. 

By the way, I wouldn't recommend searching for 'hump day memes' in Google. Just saying. You've been warned. 

Anyway, I digress. Thursdays in the social media world have now become 'Throwback Thursdays' (TBT).

Sidebar. There is a band from Duluth, MN that many of us Minnesotans and others are HUGE fans of. The band name is Trampled by Turtles, or, if you're friends with me, AKA, TBT. Therefore, I get REALLY confused A LOT of the time when I start seeing posts about TBT (meaning Throwback Thursday, not Trampled by Turtles). Therefore, I apologize if I start getting confused. Sidebar done.

 Like with any trend, at first I rebelled at Throwback Thursday (I realize I sound like a hipster here. I don't consider myself as one). Thoughts passed through my head like, "really?" (I honestly couldn't come up with anything better than that...) as I scrolled through Facebook, Twitter, etc. But, as time marched on, I realized that Throwback Thursdays were actually kind of a cool thing. I got into looking at other's old pictures and laughing along with the bad hairdos and outfits. Soon, I began posting my own; nature photographs of course, because I never had a bad hairdo or outfit (I kid. I had lots). Now, I think I secretly look forward to Thursdays. I ask myself why I didn't embrace TBT (throwback Thursday, not Trampled by Turtles) sooner.  To make up for lost time, the only thing I can do at this point is to keep moving forward and make the best of Throwback Thursdays. So, without further ado, here is the January 9th, 2014 Throwback Thursday post. 

Each Thursday, I plan to post an old picture with a background story on it. I promise you won't have to read that introduction up there again, unless you want to reference this post again. I will just go right into the picture and back-story. 

The picture below is of me in front of my parent's garden. You can even see either my mom or my dad (can't really tell which one) taking the picture in the left hand corner of the photograph).

Yes, that is me as a young tyke in front of my parent's garden (I'm pretty sure I might be wearing Jelly shoes in the picture). Growing up, I was surrounded by gardens. I took it for granted at the time, but as I got older, I really appreciated the relaxing sanctuary it provided. I still do to this day. The gardens also helped start my love of flower photography. Multiple times during spring and summer, you can find me out at my parent's gardens taking pictures. Below are a couple of pictures from my mom's beautiful garden (the firs two pictures). The third picture is one from my dad's beautiful garden. Aren't I lucky?!

Thowback Thursday Photograph (Below)

The flower picture above I took at my mom's garden in June of 2010 (Camera, Nikon D3000, f/8, exposure, 1/500).

For this particular throwback Thursday photo, I was playing around with my Nikon D3000, which was fairly new to me at the time. I had spent about an hour out in the garden taking a variety of different photos; macro full flower, macro petal shot, etc. The sun had come around the house, and I noticed that it was lighting up the petals of this particular flower beautifully. I took a few pictures from the top of the flower, but then I decided to trying laying on the ground and taking a shot from underneath. This is the result. I was hooked. This particular photo  made me realize that I needed to start taking photos from ALL angles. It sounds so simple, but it had honestly never occurred to me before to lay on my back on the dirt and take a picture before this. Since then, I have kept that lesson with me whenever I take photographs. Here are some of the photos that were result of this lesson:

Coneflower (Left) - Mom's House, Daisy (Right) - Blue Mound State Park, MN

These pictures would look a LOT different if there were taken from the top. There is nothing wrong with taking pictures from the top (I have hundreds of photographs taken this way  - see below) but the lesson to me was that I need to be open to taking pictures from all angles and to not be afraid to try something new. If I wouldn't have tried it that June day in 2010, a lot of my favorite pictures wouldn't exist today. 

If I was a teacher, I would give you all an assignment to go out and try photographing an object at a different angle, in a different light, etc. and see what you come up with. Don't be afraid to get a little dirty either. It just may be worth it (I have specific 'photography' jeans that I wear every time I go out to take pictures so that I'm not worried about my good jeans or pants getting dirty. True story).  

Flower Photo - Photographed from Top

Example of Photo Laying on Ground - Scenic State Park, MN

I was literally laying on the wet ground for this photograph (above). The picture was taken at Scenic State Park in Minnesota. My husband and I went hiking and it POURED and POURED. It would look really different if I just stood or crouched down and took the picture. 

Have you surprised yourself by taking a picture from a 'non-traditional' angle? What was the picture? What was the result? I'd love to hear about it!

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