Tales of an Alpaca Baby Shower aka My Weekend Adventure: An Alpaca Baby Shower - In Pictures - Ld

Tales of an Alpaca Baby Shower aka My Weekend Adventure: An Alpaca Baby Shower - In Pictures

Once upon a time (earlier this spring), at an alpaca farm in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, some baby alpacas were born.

The farm, otherwise known as Bluff Breeze Farm, lies on top of a, well, bluff, and is surrounded by beautiful scenery.

People from all over wanted to come and see the baby alpacas, so Bluff Breeze Farm decided to host an alpaca baby shower!

Like many baby showers, there was food,

and games,

and of course, alpaca babies!

Creatures from all over came to attend the party.

The babies were excited to have so many visitors,

but were sure to stay close to mom.

Or a buddy.

By the end of the party, the baby alpacas were sad to see their friends go.

But after such a long day, they were ready for a nap!

They dreamt of all the friends they saw that day!

The end.

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Have you ever visited an alpaca farm? I’d love to hear about it! You can comment via this post below, or on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

If you haven’t visited one but are interested, many offer free tours. Simply google ‘alpaca farm’ in your area for a list or visit this website.

If you’re in Minnesota, I would recommend Bluff Breeze Farm or Fox Way Alpacas. Be sure to contact the farm owners before hand to arrange your visit!

Don’t forget to bring your camera! You will most likely encounter lots of great photo opportunities!

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