My Weekend(s) Adventures: Fall Color - Ld

My Weekend(s) Adventures: Fall Color

Does anyone else feel like fall is over? Even though the official meteorological start of winter doesn't start until December 21st (also the winter solstice), Halloween has come and gone, our clocks are turned back (hopefully) and leaves have covered the ground.  Northern Minnesota woke up to inches of snow on the ground this past weekend, which is a harsh reminder that winter is right around the corner (or here) and another fall has flown by. 

Luckily, I made a huge effort to try and get out at least once on the weekends to view fall colors. I really enjoy visiting Minnesota's state parks when I'm looking for fall color, and this season I visited seven. Those seven are: Charles Lindberg State Park, Lake Carlos State Park, St. Croix State Park (an annual tradition for my husband and I), Frontenac State Park, Sakatah Lake State ParkInterstate State Park, and William O'Brien State Park. When trying to figure out which parks to go to, I've mentioned in past posts that I follow the MN DNR fall color finder. The color finder is great, but deciding to travel to these places can still be a toss-up as it's really hard to find the location that is 100% in full color. Throughout my travels this year, I found that the trees, while still beautiful, were spotty in color, and some trees would turn first, while others would be completely green still. That is until I went to Frontenac. Frontenac was gorgeous and was in FULL COLOR. I always feel like I'm walking in a wonderland of color or some sort of dream world. 

I probably took close to 5,000 pictures this past fall which of course means I like about five or six of them. I'm joking. Sort of. 

For today's blog post, I have compiled my favorites from the parks I visited this past fall (which the way I'm talking makes it seem like it was months ago), for your viewing enjoyment. 

As with all my 'weekend adventure' posts, I encourage you to grab a little snack or treat, a beverage of choice, put on some relaxing music, light a candle, and enjoy the visual vacation.

Frontenac State Park

Lake Carlos State Park

Frontenac State Park

Charles Lindberg State Park

Frontenac State Park

Lake Carlos State Park

Sakatah Lake State Park

What are your favorite places to go and take fall photographs?

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Happy photographing!

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