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Free Photography E-books -  Updated November 4th, 2014

Improve Your Photography Skills/Photography for Beginners 

Photography For Beginners: How To Set Up Photography Lighting For A Home Studio by James Christiansen - New!

The PhotoGuides Guide to Photography by Ash Davies - New!

Food Photography

Yummy Dummies: Food Photo Shoot by Janice Daugharty

Landscape Photography

Insights From Beyond the Lens: Inside the Art & Craft of Landscape Photography by Robert Rodriguez Jr. 


8 Types Of Natural Light That Will Add Drama To Your Photographs by Anne McKinnell

Master Photo Lighting... Light 101by Dan Eitreim

Photography History

History and Practice of the Art of Photography by Henry Hunt Snelling

The Evolution of Photography With a Chronological Record of Discoveries, Inventions, etc., Contributions to Photographic Literature, and Personal Reminescences Extending over Forty Years by John Werge - New!


Bromide Printing and Enlarging A Practical Guide to the Making of Bromide Prints by Contact and Bromide Enlarging by Daylight and Artificial Light, With the Toning of Bromide Prints and Enlargements by John A. Tennant

Photographic Reproduction Processes by Peter C. Duchochois

$0.99 Photography E-books - Updated November 4th, 2014

Child Photography

How to Photograph Children: Practical Advice & Tips for Taking Amazing Photos of Your Kids by Angelina Brown

Photography for Kids: The Video Guide by Andy McKee and Vook

Improve Your Photography Skills/Photography for Beginners 

10 Quick Tips to Better Photography by Marshall Miller

25 Lessons I've Learned about Photography...Life by Lorenzo Dominguez

65 Photography Tips To Make You a Better Photographer by John Huegel - New!

An Introduction to DSLR Photography by David Reynolds

Beginning Digital Photography (Beginning photography) by John Kidney

Digital Photography For Absolute Beginners. Quick Guide to Getting Started With Digital Photography by John A. Alexander

Digital Photography For Beginners: Simple Digital Photography Tips And Tricks To Help You Take Amazing Photographs (Entry Level Digital SLR Stock Photography ... Film Photography (DSLR Cameras Book 1) by Crys Kirkland - New!

Don't Do This! 39 Mistakes I Made as a Professional Photographer by John Huegel - New!

Easy Photography: The Minimalist Way (2013 Abridged Edition) by Wilfredo Garrido

HDRI Photography: An Essential Skills And Workflow Primer by James Sherar

How to Make Good Photos: the Film and Digital Guide to Better Pictures by Richard Young

How to make your photos pop by kathy white

How To Take Better Pictures Like A Pro by Frank Marchese

How to take good pictures by e-Sun

Instruction in photography by William de Wiveleslie Abney

Jason Youn's 99c Photography Guide by Jason Youn

Low Cost High Impact Photography by Steve Johnson

Make Every Shot Count: Expert Tips for Better DSLR Photographs by Steven Keller

Outline of Photography by John F. Moore

Perfect Photography Tips and Tricks by Adam Scott

Photography 101: Digital Photography Beginner's Guide to Taking Stunning Photographs (Photography, Photography Guide, Photography for Beginners, Digital Photography) by Kevin Gordon - New!

Photography II: Best Advice For Improving Your Photography Skills! by Chris Ferrer

Photography: Photography Basics to Showcase the Photographer in You (Photography for Beginners - Digital Photography - Photography Books) by Steve Royce - New!

Photography Redefined by Gaurav Sharma

Photography Tips: Great Tips And Tricks For Every Photography Enthusiast by Chris Ferrer

Pro Tips for Photographers! (Pro Photography Tips) by Vern Lovic

Take Better Photos - A Quick Guide by James Reddish

Test Your Photography Knowledge Part 2: Exposure by John Huegel - New!

The dictionary of photography for amateur and professional photographers by Edward John Wall

Tips & Tricks in Photography by Ninety Nine Cents Press

Top 10 Tips for All Beginning Photographers by Gregory Cazillo

HDR Photography

Transform your Photos into Stunning Works of Art with HDR by Cheyenne L Rouse

iPhone Photography

iPhone Photography Tips and Tricks: How to Take Great Pictures with Your iPhone Camera and Apps by Steven Keller

iPhoto '11: Quick and Easy by Chad Peterson

Photography Tips and Tricks for the iPhone: The How-To Guide by Simon Williams

Learn to Use Your Camera/Camera Buying

15 Fun and Creative Things to Do With Your Digital SLR by John Huegel - New! 

A Perfect Shot of Anything: Taking Great Photo's With Kit Lenses by Jessie Kauffman

All You Need to Know About Choosing a Digital Camera by Keith Patrick Mullins

From Point & Shoot to DSLR: A Compact Guide to Transitioning to an Interchangeable-Lens Camera by Bob Gallimore

How To Buy A Digital Camera - Digital Camera Reviews and Comparisons by Soluciones Tainas

Photography Guide: How To Operate a Camera In Full Manual Mode by Carl Allen

Point and Shoot: Digital Photography Basics for Beginners and Amateurs: Master your DSLR in 21 Days by Michael Hansen - New!

Professional Photography 101 Part 1: Cameras, Lenses and Exposure by John Huegel - New!

Taking Better Photos with Your Digital Camera by Patrick Delos Santos - New!

The Complete Guide to Sony's NEX 5R and 6 Cameras - 3 Sample Chapters by Mike Hendren

Landscape Photography

Super Scenery - A Guide to Better Landscape Photography by Winston Rockwell

The Amateur's Short Guide to HDR Landscape Photography by Claude DiBugnara


Artistic Lighting by Frederick Dundas Todd & James Inglis

Lighting Diagrams by Brian Parkin

Test Your Photography Knowledge Part 3: Lighting by John Huegel - New!

The chemistry of light and photography by Hermann Wilhelm Vogel

Photography Business
50 Home Business Ideas with Photo, Video & Audio (500 Home Business Ideas) by Wolfgang Riebe

50 Ways to Make Money With Instagram by Daniel Rosenstein

99 Ways to Make Money With Your Digital Camera by John Huegel - New

Careers in Photography...and the skills needed to succeed by John Huegel

Guide to making money from freelance photography by Lori-Suzanne Dell 


How to Get Work Experience with a Photographer by Marco Palmero

How to start an online photography business: A Step by Step process to make money online with your photography by Sarah Love Aiken

How To Start And Run A Money Making Photography Business by Jonathan Curtis


Newbie Micro Stock photographer Guide by Tom Acey

Photo Editing

adobe photoshop cs6 Quick Reference Guide by Jennifer Moreau

An Idiot's Guide To Photoshop, Part 3: Pro Tips by Azamat E

An Idiot's Guide to Photoshop, Part 4: Advanced Features and Fun Photo Effects by Azamat "Bohed" E.

Beginning Photoshop Quick Techniques for Success by Richard Koreski

Learn Photoshop in 30 Minutes a Day, Lesson 1 by L. C. Miller

Photoshop Basics - A Photoshop Mini Guide by Soluciones Tainas

Photoshop Dimensions - Issue 1 by Pete Falco & Kevin Bomberry

Photoshop Elements Quick Reference Digital Sheet by Grant Emerson Dixon

Point and Shoot: How to Make Your Images Look Gorgeous: Become a Pro at Image Editing in 9 Days by Michael Hansen - New!

Quick Photo Restoration and Editing Guide (Part 1 - Introduction) by Kenny L Keys

What's New In Photoshop CS6: Your Ultimate Overview by Azamat "Bohed" E.

Photography History

Practical guide to photography (1885) by Marion and Co. (London)

The Story of the Invention of Photography by William Jerome Harrison

Uncle Alberts manual of practical photography : and guide to the reproductive processes by  Powell Perry

Photography Sites/Programs (Non-Editing Programs/Sites)

A Beginners Guide to Flickr by Alissa Richards

Be A Photographer: A Pic-Critic.Com Tutorial (Pic-Critic.Com Tutorials) by Samantha Davis

Free WebSite for Photographers in Less Than 30 minutes: Step By Step Guide On How to Create, Share and Promote Website for $0 by SSRG Solutions LLP

How to Make Money on Instagram (Mini E-Books) by College Optional Careers

Using Picasa: A Pic-Critic.Com Tutorial (Pic-Critic.Com Tutorials) by Samantha Davis

Portrait Photography

Creative Portraits by JP Caldeano

Portrait Photography Informational E-Book by Alexander John


Posing Guide For Men With 19 Examples ( And 3 Extra Poses) by Ramazan Islamoglu

Posing Guide For Models and Photographers - VOL 1 - Britoni (Posing Guides) by Paul Moore

Posing Guide for Models and Photographers - Volume 2 - Featuring Amanda (Posing Guides) by Paul Moore

Posing Guide for Models and Photographers - Volume 3 - Featuring Trish (Posing Guides) by Paul Moore

Posing Guide for Models and Photographers - Volume 4 - Featuring Callie (Posing Guides) by Paul Moore

Posing Guide for Models and Photographers - Volume 5 - Featuring Stephanie (Posing Guides) by Paul Moore

Posing Guide for Models and Photographers - Volume 6 - Featuring Natalie (Posing Guides) by Paul Moore

Posing Guide for Models and Photographers - Volume 7 - Featuring Ying (Posing Guides) by Paul Moore

Posing Guide For Models and Photographers - Volume 8 Featuring Melissa (Posing Guides) by Paul Moore

Posing Guide for Models and Photographers - Volume 9 by Paul Moore

Posing Guide for Models and Photographers - Volume 10 by Paul Moore

Posing Guide for Models and Photographers - Volume 11 by Paul Moore

Posing Guide For Models and Photographers - Featuring Alexa - Volume 12 (Posing Guides) by Paul Moore

Posing Guide For Models and Photographers - Volume 13 (Posing Guides) by Paul Moore

Wedding Photography

Photographing Your First Wedding (Wedding Photography for Beginners) by David Adams


Naturalistic photography for students of the art by Peter Henry Emerson

Photography (1853) by Robert Hunt & Francis Peabody

Photography: The Arts by iMinds

Sell Photography: Fireball Secrets on How to Sell Photos by Christy Perkins - New!

The Dark Side of Photography by Thomas Roth Jr

The Fine Art of Photography by Paul Anderson

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