Flowers of the Grand Tetons - Ld

Flowers of the Grand Tetons: In Pictures

Today's post is in some way a 'part two' of last week's post where I posted brand new pictures from my trip to Grand Teton National Park. I mentioned in said post that there wouldn't be many flower pictures, and the reason for that is because we were lucky enough to be at the park during peak alpine flower season (or what seemed to be), and there were gorgeous flowers EVERYWHERE. There were parts where the flowers spread on and on and on and on. There were flowers of all shapes, colors and sizes. Reds, purples, whites, yellows, and more dotted the landscapes. These flowers seemed to be prevalent around the low to mid 9,000 ft elevations; even stretching a bit into the 8,000ft and higher 9,000ft.  I took SO many flower photos. And, because I love flowers, I decided that I would create a whole separate post dedicated to the photo subject I love in the place that I love, the Tetons. 

So, without further ado, a little friendly nudge to pull up a comfy chair, medicine ball, etc, light a candle, grab your favorite beverage, a tasty snack,  put on your favorite tunes, and enjoy this mini virtual visual vacation!


Common Indian Paintbrush



Common Indian Paintbrush

Lewis Monkeyflower


Missouri Goldenrod

And a couple repeats from last week...

I hope you enjoyed your virtual vacation through the flowers of the Tetons. What is your favorite place for flower viewing? I'd love to hear about it! You can comment via this post, or through Facebook, Pinterest and/or Twitter

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Happy Photographing!